The really ironic thing about April Fool’s is that it’s the only day of the year that anyone is even remotely skeptical of the Internet.

- Thomas Jefferson


Society6 is have a promo right now, so I’m shamelessly pimping my stuff. ;)

Two characters from a story I’ll probably never get around to writing. *sigh*
Swanhild Somhairle from The Darkling Thrush

Anonymous asked: hello who are gurl


Another re-design from my Howl’s Moving Castle project. The Witch of the Waste.
For a Howl’s Moving Castle project. Miss Angorian ~ :)
I found this while cleaning my computer. I did this… I guess it was two years ago now?  Holy crap I feel old.
Sequential art I did for motivarti.
"I’ll make you that poison as soon as I’m done checking tumblr."
"Protection potion."
I had ten minutes in between other paintings.
For a Stardust redesign I’m doing. The witch Lamia.